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Tucked into the western shore of the Persian Gulf is the little-known island country of Bahrain. Organize a vehicle rental on your next outing and you'll be conscious of everything this charming nation brings to the table. From debauched feasting alternatives to stunning view and everything in the middle of, you will be really ruined with a wealth of choices when going with the opportunity of a vehicle rental. Investigate more than 100 miles of desert coastline, harboring palm-concealed markets and blustery sea front bistros, while sparing some an opportunity to visit the sputtering crisp spring that has carried water to Bahrain for more than 4,000 years. When you're at the spring, make note of the excellent pearls that have been developed in the mineral rich waters throughout the years. Whatever your schedule, let Auto Europe be your one-stop-look for the best rates, administration and choice on your next vehicle rental in Bahrain!


Before you book your car hire in the Bahrain, why not read through our Bahrain driving guide.

Bahrain is a country off the Persian Gulf. Because of its rich history and culture, it has for a long time been one of traveller's preferred destination in the Middle East. Moving around in Bahrain can be done by hiring a car.

In order to hire a car in Bahrain, drivers must hold an international driving licence, which needs to be secured before arrival, however if you are traveling from the EU, you will be able to drive with your normal driving licence.

Driving is on the right hand side of the road. And since Bahrain is just a small island off the gulf, traffic jams are not that common. If there is indeed one, it would be relatively short, except during Ramadan, when traffic can become considerably more dense.

Main roads and highways can be up to 6 lanes wide, however in rural and remote areas, roads become far narrower and caution is always advised.

Drinking and driving is prohibited. Strict laws are implemented on the island to minimize road accidents due to drink driving. The penalty for drink driving is imprisonment and fines of up to £500. A seat belt should always be used by the driver and passenger in the front seat. Otherwise, a fine of about £50 may be imposed.

The national speed limit for Bahrain is up to 120 kmph. But for smaller cities and villages, it could go down to around 50 to 80 kmph. Road signs are scattered on both sides of the road to guide drivers. The signs are written in Arabic and in English. Speed cameras are also installed in various spots so make sure that you abide by the law at all times.

Fines are paid in the spot whenever traffic infringements happen. If, unfortunately, you got into one, you are strictly advised not to move your vehicle, unless it is a small accident with no injuries. Drivers neeed to phone the accident hotline and local police will attend the scene. An accident report must be filed in order to claim from the insurance company. Also, repair garages will not tend to your vehicle if you don't show them a police report.

Emergerncy numbers are:

Fire/Ambulance/Police: 999

Traffic/Accidents: 1768-8888 or 1768-5999


Caution is advised on narrow roads 
Drive on the right 
Speed limit is up to 120km/h 
For safety reasons, you should never drink and drive


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